Stem Cells?

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Angela, a friend for our site asked a question about embryo, and here’s our answer:

A human embryo is smaller than the period at the end of this sentence, but that tiny embryo contains dozens of stem cells. Stem cells start out as blank slates. They have not developed into any particular type of cell. Stem cells provide doctors and researchers with amazing opportunities. They can develop o into v every kind of cell found in the human body.

Researchers and doctors in all fields of medicine are looking into therapies involving stem cells. Politicians and the public debate the ethics of using stem cells. In order for stem-cell therapy to become practical, doctors and researchers must learn how to develop the stem cells into the desired tissues or organs.

Contrary to popular belief, human embryonic stem cells do not come from aborted fetuses. All the human embryonic stem cell lines currently in use are derived from unused embryos developed for in vitro fertilization and donated for research. They are cells that would have only been discarded. [Google]

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