Box Jellyfish!

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A question about jellyfish.

Yes, jellyfish sting, but the ones that do can cause a range of reactions in humans, varying from mild skin irritation t death. The stinging mechanism, or cnidoblast, is located on a jellyfish’s tentacles or oral arms.

Inside the cnidoblast is a nematocyst, which is a capsule that contains a trigger and Related imagethe stinging structure. Although the stinging structure varies between the different species of jellyfish, it is usually made up of a hollow coiled thread lined with barbs.

When nematocysts make contact with another object, they launch their thread into the jellyfish’s victims, injecting toxins upon contact. Just one tentacle can have a hundreds or even thousands of nematocysts , and their sting usually paralyzes or kills small prey.

One of the most dangerous jellyfish is called the box jellyfish; it has a deadly venom. If it happened to a human, it goes very painful, and it’s a high possibility meaning death.

It is said that its toxin can be equal to a 100 times strength of a cobra’s poison, and this specific kind exists more in the warmer regions such as Indo-Pacific region or northern of Australia. In addition, it can release its poison from its head or tentacles.

Wow! Although, it’s a symbol of immortality, jellyfish also could be a source of death, not all of them though!

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