Jellyfish & Immortality!

Smart people, it’s usually enough to give a hint! right?! Thank you for coming to our world. Welcome friends from the US, Serbia, and India 😉

We talked about jellyfish before and how that some of them are considered to be able to live forever. We mentioned that if scientists were able to discover how those jellyfish could continue their life cycle without getting to go through aging, this could be one day applicable to mankind’s immortality.

Jellyfish are creatures as fascinating as they are intimidating. Not fish at all, “jellies” as they are sometimes called , are actually invertebrates related to sea anemones and corals. Members of the phylum Cnidaria, jelly fish possess a structurally simple body plan. The dominant type of jelly has a medusoid-saucer or bell-shaped form that displays radial symmetry, its body parts radiating from a central axis point. Jelly fish have no head, no heart, no bones, and no brain. Instead, they have a nerve net, which consists of receptors that can detect light, odor and other stimuli. To feed and defend themselves, jellyfish are equipped with a stinging jellyfish-immortal-lifeapparatus.

Not all jellyfish sting, but the ones that do can cause a range of reactions in humans, varying from mild skin irritation to death. The stinging mechanism, or cnidoblast, is located on jellyfish’s tentacles or oral arms, Inside the cnidoblast is a nematocyst, which is a capsule that contains a trigger and the stinging structure.

Although the stinging structure varies between the different species of jellyfish it is usually made up of a hollow coiled thread lined with barbs. When nematocysts make contact with another object, they launch their threads into the jelly fish’s victims, injecting toxins upon contact. Just one tentacle can have hundreds or even thousands of nematocysts and their sting usually paralyzes or kills small prey.

This is a continuation to our previous post about “Secret of Immortality“. We will talk some more soon about a new interesting topic.


Until we chat again, here’s our kisses and hugs for all of you. ❤

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