Secret of Immortality!

Dearest  readers and friends, welcome back to our world. Let’s thank the Creator for giving us all of that beauty. Hello the US, Ireland, Singapore, India, Serbia, Morocco, Romania, Australia, Germany, & Pakistan 😉

The secret of immortality has been searched for many years by scientists everywhere, but only other species were able to get it, not humans!

A very small jellyfish which can be seen by our eyes, although so tiny in size,  is called “Turritopsis Nutricula”. Its beauty is not important compared to its ability to outlive death.

A jellyfish’s life cycle is composed of two stages: 1- the polyp. 2- the medusa. The first stage when it is stuck to the bottom of the sea. The second one when it is time to reproduction. This second stage is how we picture the jellyfish in our minds.

After reaching sexual maturity, most organisms have death in their life cycle; however the “Turritopsis Nutricula” has not. 

These tiny jellyfish are blessed with very specialized cells that allow them to revert back into their polyp stage, thereby evading death. That was the reason behind calling them immortal 😛

Isn’t this interesting? Shouldn’t we figure out how they do it, so that we can do it ourselves too?

[To be continued]

Until we talk again, think about it, and find out how to do it. Hugs & kisses ❤sophiechannel

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