Sophie & The Rising Sun!

Thank you the US, The United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa & Fiji.

We appreciate having all of you with us today to chat a bit about “Sophie & The Rising Sun”, in honor of our “Memorial Day”, and our lost heroes 😥

I would say  that if you like the romantic movies, you’d like this movie; but, it is not really about romance. It’s rather about people and how they can act like animals without brains in some situations.

Image result for Sophie and the Rising Sun 2016

It’s a good movie: acting, camera, and direction. The story could be similar to other films; nevertheless, it has its own prints. It marvelously shows how many people could blindly become aggressive again innocent individuals, who have done nothing, but are seen as strangers in their own country, having an origin that belongs to somewhere else.

I like the way the film conveyed its message to the audience, and that is why I’d encourage you to watch it. 

With our love and hugs, stay cool until we talk again. ❤



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