Success Vs Achievement

Our special Thanks for readers and friends from the US, India, & Pakistan 😉

It really all comes down to standards.  The standards you set for yourself will determine what you set out to achieve and the degree to which the pursuit and attainment of those achievements will require and/or bring you success.  But until you set standards, the difference between Success and Achievement is truly a “chicken-or-egg” conversation that will most likely get you nowhere!

The good and bad news is that Success is mostly a state of mind. You can feel successful without physically/tangibly achieving anything, whereas achievement is more tangible. You must see something accomplished, or accomplish a goal yourself in order to have achieved something.

You can believe you have success while others believe you are nowhere close to it!  Or, you may NOT believe yourself to be successful at the same time that millions would literally risk their lives to be YOU!  All the while, an achievement is an achievement…regardless of the pedigree, honor or heroism ascribed to it, it can be verified and agreed upon when someone achieves something.

What IS the difference, for example, between Success and Achievement?

Success is defined as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose…however, all too often, we use the term to describe “status” or the amount of money/things a person has.  Who comes to mind when you think of who you know that is “Successful”?

Achievement, on the other hand, is defined as things done successfully.  Having many/repetitive successes will pave the way towards the achievement! Achievement comes from being successful many times over…yet, ironically, achievement does not guarantee one’s success!  Who comes to mind when you think of who you know that has achieved something in life…achieved something WITH their life?

Mind the Gap!  The difference between Success and Achievement is subtle because they are co-dependent.  They need each other to exist. And, isn’t it interesting how things can be achieved unsuccessfully (passing class with a “C” is an achievement, even if not a successful one), yet nothing can be achieved without one ore more things being done successfully (even the “C” student succeeds 70-80% of the time)!

But while Achievement is verifiable, Success is a bit more emotional.  And THAT difference is HUGE!

Thank you Noordin for sharing this analysis.

Until we chat some more, here’s our kisses and hugs ❤

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