1Zumba Challenge!

Welcome dear readers to our page  😉

We love you all, and we always wait for your visits, especially our new readers from the US, Brazil, Spain, Australia, n  Guatemala  😉

Dear 1Zumba friends, today, we are gonna ask you one single question, and we would like to hear your answers, only on one single condition: honestly  😉

The question is: How do you feel when you see someone in real life or over the news, not in movies, or in fictional world, but in real wearing super expensive jewelry? Honestly, how that makes you feel?

We would like you to invest in your knowledge, in your mind. We know that you are so smart, and we are talking to you on that basis. So  pls kindly pay attention dear when you answer to that!

Inauguration Of King Willem Alexander As Queen Beatrix Of The Netherlands Abdicates
Queen Maxima smiles after the swearing in of King Willem-Alexander at the Nieuwe Kerk or New Church in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on April 30, 2013. POOL/ROBIN UTRECHT

What do you think dear 1Zumba friend? Are you going to be happy wearing all these jewelry?  Do you think that the people who wear those jewelry feel happier than others having all these priceless antiques?

Our love and kisses for all of you, let me hear from you, if you would accept to answer honestly this 1Zumba challenge 😉


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