1Zumba Stop!

Our deep thanks and appreciation for new readers from the US, Spain, and Brazil  😉

Our continuous gratitude and appreciation for everyone who is reading our words. This is a special edition, not originally enlisted in our topics for today.

Dear 1Zumba friend, due to the nature of a very recent indecent incident in one of our Zumba classes in the Bay Area, we will post this video posted for the first time, with our Zumba guest “Mimi”, and  hosted by our Zumba Instructor  “Toby”.

Thank you so much both for sharing your opinions with all of us, right after that incident.
Here we are:

We referred to our tendency to stand up for bullies, and their disgusting bullying. Therefore, we wish that our message comes out for those, who, as I heard, are continuously causing problems in that gym place, with other members who did nothing wrong except that they go to have some physical fitness, or have some fun! Instead they get more stress, and leave the place with undesirable memories, instead of nice ones. What a pity!

Now, let’s forget about all that negative vibes, and think about our glamorous future, and be optimistic, and never allowing those bullies of spreading their ugly wings at all.

Since that was your brilliant idea, I do thank you Toby for your unique outstanding 1Zumba  Stop!

Love you all guys n gals, wishing you all the best in your lives, just enjoy yourselves tonight, and send us your responses and comments  😉

Fight back.

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