1Zumba Sex Harassment

Good Day Everyone!  Welcome to our post! Our current and new readers from everywhere, especially from the US, Italy, n Brazil, we thank you for your time and support. We always wish you the best  😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, I still miss you so much. I hope we will see you next week, or sooner  😉

tb SupermanMany people go to the gym for stress relief, physical fitness, exercising, being in shape, meeting nice people, socializing, or Zumba practice. So keep the good work, it’s important for your health, and you are investing in your well-being!

Today, it is our pleasure to continue with one of our best Zumba assets, our famous “Go Go Boy”: Toby, Stephen!

He is always fun and full of energy, and most importantly on time. Our last recording with him is ready for you to watch. Remember we promised you, and today we deliver what we promised! 

You would hear the whole story from him, personally, about  that sexual harassment situation, which he was accused of, and how he dealt with it. He would explain to you how he felt, how the gym manager handled the issue, and what he thought about it all.

We do thank Toby for allowing us to share this video with you all, coz that must have been a huge burden on his shoulders. We never feel his anger, and his problems while he is in class with us. He tries to cheer us up, doing everything in his power to please us, and let us all have good times, in Zumba classes. I salute him from my heart, and I wish him, as I know you would all do, the best in his life, and in his career!



If you have any question about this, pls feel free to ask Toby, and be specific that you are asking about 1Zumba sexual harassment  😉

Our next post will be about a royal subject, very royal I assure you, and you will have a say about it, or at least I hope that you would take the challenge!

Love you all guys everywhere, stay cool  😉


Some references for sexual harassment:






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