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We received yesterday two messages: one from a high-school student, and one from a teacher Zin. We will address the later one first, since it arrived before the student’s question.

sch1The teacher said: “Truancy is one of the biggest problems sweeping high schools in OC in today’s society. It has reached a level far greater than severe and something must be done to put an end to this problem. Although some possible solutions are being used, they are not efficient enough. One of the possible solutions being used is punishing the minor’s parents, which is completely absurd. This is a problem that the minor has to face and has to suffer the consequences by herself or himself. Other possible solutions should be brought up to the attention of the school and their administrators and these solutions should be put into consideration because the plan involving the parents is not sufficient enough or effective. If students believe they are old enough to make their own decisions, then they are old enough to face the consequences as well.”

schI totally agree that absenteeism is an issue not only in OC, but in all counties and all states. Yes, there are methods of punishment, and some of them affect the parents. It is true, but the thing is that when it comes to real life, many of the school rules appear to be theoretical only, and do not take into account the real world we all live in. The solutions are in the hands of our teachers and administrators; to talk about it, and raise it up whenever possible; to attract the attention of the higher management to address these issues and similar ones.

If you are a teacher or a school administrator, or connected to the Department of Education, pls feel free to share your insights for this matter, and allow us to post it. Thank you  😉

Our dear student who shared his feelings and questions with us wrote: “Most people don’t like school with all the fastidious teachers always pecking at the student, it can be a little nefarious. Many of them make insipid remarks and don’t relay care how the student feels. They try to mollify a person by assigning more homework. When the student doesn’t do it, he get embroiled into an altercation with their teacher. The teacher saunters up to the student’s face, acts munificent, then she says something excruciating. That’s when the student begins to feel weak and speechless because of how corrigible the teacher is.

The student leaves the teacher’s room and goes home feeling tired, thinking it’s all over when he finds out that his parents are going to chastise him since the teacher called them. His little brother starts vexing and teasing him and before he becomes so bellicose as punches him, his parents walk into the room. He becomes as much of sycophant as he can being as optimistic as possible that his parents aren’t aware of what happened at school. That’s when he immediately sequesters his brother out of the room and becomes glib in front of his parents by telling them how nice they look. You know that no matter how hopeful you are, deep down you’re extremely despondent and feeling moribund. All of a sudden, because his parents are just listening and are not saying anything, he spills some evidence of what he did and wishes he could recant that moment. He knows hat he is going to need every talisman in the world to save himself. …….” [if interested email me for the rest of the letter]

20160124_144029First, I am sorry that you felt that way about school, schooling, and your teacher. Second, you should have opened your heart to your mom or dad, having them get the right image about what was going on in your school. Having all these feelings and pressures are unbearable, and I wonder how you were able to cope with all of these problems at the same time.

My answer for you is that, you are a brave young man, and that if you can’t get to your parents’ ears, pls talk to someone in your school, such as a social worker or a counselor who, I assure you, will be able to help you with all these issues. Other than that, I do thank you for reading our topics, so keep reading and writing for us. You are always welcome. We love you. We love everyone who sends a question or an issue that needs a solution  😉

Coz this is 1Zumba Solutions  😉

Guys, we do love you all, and we will talk to you tomorrow about a new interesting subject as usual, so until then, wish you pleasant dreams. Good night  😉

Some schooling and education solutions’ references :

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