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First we must say thank you for all of you wonderful people! From everywhere! In addition to our current visitors, we welcome our new ones from the US, India, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, Israel, Netherlands, Phillippines, n Argentina  😉

Our dear 1Zumba friend, hello!  I hope you’re having a fun day today  😉

Back in the days, we were able to follow up with our growth, and technology matters. Nowadays, we lose our breath, panting trying to catch up with as much as we could. But the truth is, it will never be like before again. Alas, we opened the jinni bottle, and we don’t know where it will take us to. No matter how many people are working hard on technology; it is absolutely impossible for one person or one body to be updated in all fields of technology solely. Simply due to the complex interrelationships created between all facets of life and technology. It is a fact. The whole world must be united to work it up together and to be ready for the unknown future, which we can no longer predict as we used to.

tcIf this is the case, and we admit this fact for ourselves, we would start to focus our attention on critical fields, and as such, we can agree that this area of Earth would be in charge of technological development in the area of aviation, for instance. That other area of the globe will be responsible for the energy technology, and so forth. Technology needs a LOT of committed people, and in order to be committed you have to be interested in the subject in the first place. This cannot be achieved through one country, coz no matter how big a one country is, you wouldn’t find that half of its population is interested in the subject of technology.

mn7As a matter of fact, there is a shortage in the students’ numbers who enroll in technology departments all over the world. Those who are enrolled, a good number of them discontinue, so we need to encourage more kids as early as possible to get involved in technology. Media has an essential role in promoting this trend among young people, instead of encouraging singing, dancing, or acting more than anything else! It is an investment for our future generations, and we owe it to them, to help them survive in a future that we cannot clearly see.

It is exciting but scary at the same time! Many things are changed in our lives on a daily basis. We do not even recognize it, coz it is similar to a creeping plant which grows up steadily without being noticed, until all of a sudden its growth is huge. More

tc3The New York Time, Technology News is worth visiting. You will be getting acquainted with some of the new technologies started to be uses lately in our communities and businesses.

Virtual currency is one of the future subjects, we should pay more attention to it, and handle its consequences carefully.  When you ask someone if she knows what bitcoin is most probably, she wouldn’t know, unless she did some research

My 1Zumba friend from Brazil, it’s time to be decent to your mom and your older sister, since you feel the guilt.  It is either you would continue with the guilt eating you up, holding you back from achieving what you want to, or you end all these up right now, and open your heart to your mom, to your family, to your friends, and remember that you have few years to live on this Earth. Nobody is living forever. No matter how long you live, it is still short time. You are just a visitor, as we all are.

So technology is now the basis for most of our life’s growth; and we need to come closer together in order to achieve more in the shortest possible time. Think about it smart folks, and you’ll find it true my 1Zumba technology  😉

Love you all guys, and I will miss you all, n until I talk to you again, here’s my hugs n kisses  😉

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