1Zumba Words

1Zumba1Zumba1Zumba! Wow! You are the best!  Thank you our readers and visitors from everywhere, and the new ones from the US, Russia, Brazil, the UK, Bulgaria, Singapore, n Peru  😉

Your comments and questions are a source of inspiration for us, we appreciate your time, and we always want to spend more time with you  😉

One of our followers, asked me a question that brought this splendid idea to my mind. She asked me this: “If Zumba is a language (which it is in my opinion) what are its words?”, “How can we put these words together to come up with a sentence?”, “How can we communicate successfully using the Zumba language?”, and “When does Zumba language fail us in communicating with each other?” Wow! I just loved it! Very philosophical sophisticated, yet it can be answered.

zm1Yes, Zumba  might be a kind of a language definitely. I am totally convinced with that. I would argue forever with you about this point, coz of many valid points [saving the details for only interested people via email].

The words of Zumba, if we may, would be or could be the music, the lyrics, the songs, the melodies, the dancing, the individuals’ involvement, the attendants’ socialization, the place, the verbal as well as the non-verbal communication; it is basically the whole interactive processes.

When I heard of Zumba the first time, and watch people starting doing it in many places, I felt it’s a kind of entertaining and fun. Later on, after many years of its start, I saw it as a social phenomenon, coz of its spread all over the world. And this answered the third question, coz its spread meant that it was communicative. So it succeeded in grouping people together, coming up with a new united platform for many. It filled out the gaps that were there, in between certain people.

Hey my dearest 1Zumba  friend, how’s life with you today?  Focus on your future, this is my advice for you today.

Our Zin reader from Florida, number one: thank you for your question and for allowing us to post an answer for you in our post. Number two: I would say, nothing wrong with saying “Sorry” for your sister, even if she was the youngest, and you are the big brother. It is good to admit your wrong reaction, and I know this is hard! But you would come to terms with yourself, and you will respect yourself more, instead of ignoring the whole matter. Accumulating bad situations, or bad words, will only harm you, more than anyone else. Believe me, you will sleep better by night after saying sorry, it will relieve your pride.

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Going back to our 1Zumba language inspiration, keep in mind that, we all have the same language. We all are human beings, and humans have their own language, which does not need words. Earth is ours, our globe. We cannot live anywhere else. Remember this!Qatar Airways

Remember, my smart people, I love you all very much! Remember me, and for sure, remember my 1Zumba words  😉

Until we talk to you again, be safe, and be happy, with our hugs and kisses!  😉sophiechannel

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