Whatever faith you have or you haven’t, it doesn’t matter! 😉 You need not to mention that in your writing to attract more audience, it is an undoubtedly unrelated factor. Welcome back our friends and readers from the US, Spain, India, Ghana, Bangladesh, Colombia, the UK, Canada, Portugal, European Union, and Ireland 😉

Hey friends and readers!

I hope your New Year’s Eve for 2018 was the best one ever, or at least an experience that brought you some joy and few moments of happiness. I thought that we should take the first day of our New Year 2018 relaxing and thinking of our plans for the YAPE Delivery Dronewhole year. The alternative was to work and to think of new interesting subjects that would make your mind inspired and energized.

When Sufa went through an internet voyage, he found some specially eye-grabbers, and he asked me if any of them would be of interest to you to talk about. As usual, and as you know us, we are always curious about new inventions and the wonderful creativity-oriented minds who exist in your world.

After revising that long list, we picked up a few. One of them was the one we Related imagepresent today. It’s basically a drone, but not any drone. It is a drone which is used in a way that can benefit you and others in a new era of civilization and technology. It is genuinely a delivery robot/drone if we may. It is called the Yape. 

Although we didn’t want to present any invention associated with apps, coz some of them proved to be failure and waste of your time, but this one, we hope, its app is limited to its timing operation.

Here‘s all the details, and we will be glad to hear from you soon.

Funny to have this system in your life, I know. It seems as if everything around us would be turning into robots world, but your humanity is still there, no one can touch it, you have the privilege of being human!

Until we chat again about another new invention, keep checking on our topics and you will find your inspiration there. Best of luck with our love and kisses


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