Wow! Great Day! Welcome back fellows! How wonderful to talk to your friends! As usual, our thanks for readers, bloggers, writers, friends, followers, students, teachers, and all other categories from the US, Germany, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Jordan, Tunisia, Serbia šŸ˜‰ When did you know that you are interested in doing what you’re doing, my … More When?

It’s Time!

Our thanks go for our new friends readers from US, UK, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, Germany, Mexico, and Slovakia; especially for those who took the time in giving their feedback! šŸ˜‰ Now let’s talk: True, not everyday is your day, and not everyday is mine too, so what? It’s the same with everybody else! The … More It’s Time!

Ritzy 1Zumba

Dear friend, What do you think of a 1Zumba class, is it ritzy? Let’s do some homework firstĀ to find out if there is an answer to this question, or not.Ā  May be we can examine few elements such as: when did 1Zumba appear? 1Zumba is growing up since….. How old is 1Zumba? Its total age … More Ritzy 1Zumba

Happy Healthy 1Zumba

Furrowing to the beats of music, whether it is Samba, Rumba, or Cha Cha, feels like a dance party rather than a workout , which is exactly the very reason Zumba became so popular in a relatively short period of time. The all-melodies-inspired dance workout is one of the most widespread group exercise classes in … More Happy Healthy 1Zumba


For many people, 1Zumba has begun to be a lifestyle. It’s no longer just dancing, exercising, seeking fitness, or losing weight. It stretched out its wings far more beyond that, to become a social phenomenon. Yes, Zumba spreads quickly among people, as if someone is spraying a perfume, and people keep hanging up to it, … More My1Zumba!