Ritzy 1Zumba

Dear friend,

What do you think of a 1Zumba class, is it ritzy? Let’s do some homework first to find out if there is an answer to this question, or not. 

May be we can examine few elements such as:

  • when did 1Zumba appear? 1Zumba is growing up since…..
  • How old is 1Zumba? Its total age is…. What does this mean?
  • How many yrs is it, in average, for a concept to be well-known?
  • How long it takes for a new concept to be known by people in general, not by specialists in the field?
  • What comes next after a new approach or solution is introduced to us?
  • Media has an important role in supporting new healthy ideas to people.
  • What is the role of specialists to raise awareness about 1Zumba importance in having healthy living? 
  • Who manages all these streams?

Zumba has been growing up since 2001, since it was introduced to the American public, through Fitness Quest Company. Its founder was Beto Perez, who co-partnered with Alberto Perlman, and Coo Alberto as most of you have already known. If you are interested in the history of Zumba and how it came to life, just follow this link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zumba

Its age is about fourteen or fifteen years, may be a bit more. This means that it has been on Earth for only short period of time. For a fitness concept, this is considered to be very young age.

Like any other concept, Zumba is getting matured, by adding new aspects, by having classifications, by expanding in many locations worldwide, by having more fans or at least more acknowledged people about it. Maturity takes time. It varies from one concept to another. I remember that my dad used to say that my grandpa never wore except  solid color shirts , no check shirts, no striped shirts, no floral shirts; he valued the white color shirt and for him good gentlemen will wear a classic white shirt. He thought that any colored fabric that had drawings on it was only meant for females to wear. My grandfather’s generation chose their colors for clothing in a very specific way, following that concept, coz that was what they were taught how they should act.

With time, things changed, and now men can wear any color, any kind of fabrics, anything they want. They can follow fashion or not. Nobody is going to judge anybody for the way they dress any more. Clothing is no longer the way it used to be fifty years ago. Everything changes, so are we!

Surely, you  yourself would remember hundred of concepts that you lived or experienced in your life. You would think of concepts that passed to you from an older generation, but may be when you try to pass them over to your kids, they wouldn’t agree with you, coz there is other new concepts crawling secretly into their minds. The new generation always see things from a new angles, having their own new experiences, making their own routes.

In sports, we know that there are many games in which females are not allowed until our day to participate in, while they were allowed in golf gradually, but still not in all clubs. Never mind the reasons coz some of us agree with, while others disagree. What’s important here is that our perception of new concepts change gradually, with maturity, for us.

Some concepts prove to be good and survive, when others may fail, and be eliminated by the society/community, when for example people feel that there is some kind of threat for their own safety. Zumba is one of these new concepts; it’s a new approach in handling our physical fitness. It is energetic, fancy, and dominating. It may replace a number of boring equipment, which some people use for losing weight, or keeping up in shape.

It is natural that Zumba will replace many boring methods of losing weight. No wonder in that, coz human beings by nature tend to get bored quickly, when there is no affection to the things they are doing. You will not have the same relationship with  your treadmill in the gym as with your instructor, nor with your strength machine. The human element is not replaceable by any other equipment, especially when the results may get even better. Burning calories with Zumba is proved to be higher than with using any gym equipment.

The more interesting part about Zumba is that it can be a clue for many people who suffer from diabetes, or high blood pressure,  psychiatric problems,  cardio,  some kinds of arthritis, or Alzheimer. Not many people though know about this yet.

You might know about it, being in this industry for few years, or being a participants in Zumba classes, or being a good reader for new health solutions, but not others – normal people – who  are focussed on just going to work, and getting back home in  a critically tight-life-circle. Few number of them is really aware of the reality of using Zumba as means of treatment for some physical or emotional problems.

I know that you love Zumba and that you would enjoy it if you try it, but is it ritzy or not? It all depends on your own perception of physical fitness and how you would consider it, when you let it be part of your daily routine. For some people, Zumba  is still under examination; for others, it’s the best inspiring ritzy fitness. If  so  you would find yourself, in your mind, saying what Schwarzenegger always says: “I will be back!”        To Zumba     😉shwartz

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