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Hello my dear 1Zumba friend, miss me? I bet you do, coz I miss you too. I know you read our post everyday, and probably more than once a day. It’s Ok to become addicted to our writings, coz it’s simply put for you to read, to enjoy, and to have fun 😉

ph1Few of my students are from Japan. I noticed how so polite, yet very engaged they are ❤ The more closer you get to them, the more fun about them you’d find out. I learned many new things about their culture, talking to them in class or outside the class. Sure I would love to share some of these useful info with all of you today.

Patchinko is “a popular Japanese gaming machine, a sort of combinati0n slot machine and pinball machine. – See more . It’ s a huge business in Japan.

karaoke1-Bars“The Invention of Karaoke: Karaoke was developed by the customization of music recordings. Karaoke is said to have been invented in 1971 by Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese drummer. It was popular in Japan to have live music during dinner parties. There were many requests from party guests for Inoue to provide recordings of the songs he performed so they could sing along to his music. Inoue made tape recorders that would play requested songs for 100 yen per song, and he leased his machines to stores. It soon became a popular means for entertainment.” More

When my kids were young, we used to watch children’s Japanese movies, subtitled in English of course, but  it was quite amusing for them, to my surprise. The Japanese traditions are full of good examples; it is good to introduce the Japanese culture to your kids, coz it holds many great values, especially, respect for everyone, and appreciation.

puriJpAnother big deal in Japan is the “Purikura”, which is “a booth is curtained off to avoid any outside interference (and light). Coins are dropped into a slot as payment and a series of shots are taken. Most of the modern booths take only one shot and print out several duplicate images. Before an image is taken, a buzzer or light signals you to pose. Before digital imagery, processing images usually took several minutes; now, it takes only about 30 seconds for the prints to come out of the booth.”

geishaGeisha girls, we used to hear about them too many exciting stories of how they look like, what age they start joining that job, what kind of entertainment exactly they do, & we even heard about some of them are not girls, but guys dressed in girls costumes, haha 😆 Too many arguments about whether they are prostitutes or not, were raised among people who are interested in the Japanese culture, and who claimed that Geisha girls’ job is an art. What do you think, 1Zumba friends? MorehotSpr

Hot springs in Japan, is one of the things that is usually mentioned when someone is planning to visit Japan. “In Japan, hot springs bubble up everywhere, and for hundreds of years Japanese people have enjoyed them mainly for health benefits and socializing. Bathing at onsen is a great way to enjoy Japan—not just to try the various types and experience their reputed beneficial physical effects, but also to enjoy their natural settings and perhaps a leisurely stroll around the spa towns where they are often located.”

If you are interested in mor, follow this link 🙂  Thank you for joining our 1Zumba trip to Japan today 😉

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