1Zumba Foofaraw

Thanks for everyone who is visiting our site, especially from the US, Canada, Philippines, France, India, Spain, Brazil,Iraq, n Germany 😉

“It’s not my cup of tea”, this is what Mann, one of my students, used to say whenever we invited him to do something, that he didn’t want to participate in, for his reasons. One time, we asked him to join us for a 1Zumba Class, and you can guess what his answer was. Ha ha! Yes, it was the same, “It’s not my cup of tea!” But when we asked him: “why not?”, he said that he was under the impression that 1Zumba was for girls only, not for boys. That was his reason, although there was others (males),who were happily joining us, with eagerness to workout.

I was a bit surprised, but understanding at the same time, since Zumba is still relatively new to many people. It did not have enough attention media-wise yet, to be understood the right way by guys like Usmet.

Guys! There is no gender for 1Zumba lovers. Many of us, didn’t even know what Zumba is, what it can do for us, or how we can take advantage of all its physical fitness routines. Let alone losing weight, for those who really need to lose weight due to health reasons or others.

Now, let’s have a talk; girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen, all ages. 1Zumba came to me, at a time I really needed it. I met with all kinds of people. I LOVE people. This is who I am, I don’t know about you, but my guess is that you like people too. Few people like isolation or staying by themselves, while the majority prefer to be with someone rather than by themselves, especially when exercising.

In my opinion, all work-outs can be for any gender. Should workout be gender specific? I doubt it.

aqua1I would say that gender has nothing to do with the kind of work-out you like to do. There is a lot of stereotype or myth, for example that men should lift weights, while women can go Zumba or Yoga. These opinions are cultivated in our brains through our media.

Smart people can figure out what the media has been feeding us for years. Now, it is clear for everyone that the goal is the most important part in our workout. If you want to strengthen certain parts of your body, you would use the right equipment, which will help you having more muscles, losing fat in some parts, strengthen your back, etc..

Unless a person is interested in bodybuilding, strength training principles apply to both sexes. Sure, guys have a lot more testosterone and gals have to work even harder to build muscles. But we will use the same methods to get there. 

If women avoid being grouped with “the guys”, they remain insecure about their abilities. For some women, it promotes an underlying belief that they’re not as good as the guys when it comes to lifting weights. And this can lead to quitting. Men have been strength training a lot longer than women. But when there is a lady-trainer in the weight room, the guys learn from her too, coz we learn from each other. This is perfectly normal. The female trainer can use techniques they’ve never tried, and, she knows how to progress her workouts to get fantastic results more quickly. 🙂

Women, on the other hand, do not see many guys in the yoga class, or in the Zumba class, while many of them think men should join these classes, not only coz they are tough classes, and typically useful for physical fitness; but, also because these classes are fun to join, and gender has nothing to do with any of them.

A school trainer said: “men respect chicks who can lift! But it’s more difficult for them to accept women as “one of them”, coz they do not see them enough in the same room with them”. If more women lifted with the guys, strength training would no longer be male-dominated. In Zumba class, it is vice versa, if more guys participated in Zumba classes, the idea that it is for females only will be abolished.

Men will have confidence that they can do the Zumba class, and women will be comfortable with any masculine workout. Even if you currently workout at home, you might someday have access to a free membership to a gym or want access to more equipment. If you’re already comfortable interacting online with the opposite sex, you’ll be more comfortable in real life.

My hope is for guys and gals to be together in Zumba classes, this would not prevent them from being in a group with their own sex elsewhere. Spread the word, and raise awareness among people that 1Zumba  is for everyone – a male or a female, any age. Any other opposite ideas are inaccurate. Obviously, these are my own opinions based on what I have seen in person for many years in CA.

It is difficult for a person to join a workout that has traditionally been classified as one for the opposite sex, because of stress from families, or doubts from coaches. Athletes love the challenge of workouts, the thrill of competition, and the benefits of achieving – all qualities that men and women share – however, certain workouts also display qualities of femininity or masculinity, and these qualities complicate things, but will never specify a gender for a certain workout.

My cousin told me that: “If there was ever a better place to prove your masculinity or femininity it’s at the gym. Gender roles and stereotypes portrayed in the media are exaggerated. Walk through the doors of any gym and you’ll see the great divide of girls toning and slimming down on machines while guys bulk up with heavy free weights.

Janis P. Inniss wrote: “Women, on the other hand, seem to be the bread and butter of trainers. They are much less likely to strike out on their own with weights or machines than similarly ignorant men. Of course, this is not true across the board, but overall my observation is that women are comfortable in group classes (yoga, Zumba, Pilates, step, kick-boxing and other classes are usually almost exclusively the domain of men, with a few brave males appearing occasionally). Usually, women are also found on various cardio-machines such as stationary bikes, stair masters, and treadmills. But even the most ardent female runners seem reluctant to step into the unknown world of weights and machines.”

Let’s have one of the most clarifying examples here. Ballet, on the surface, is graceful, soft, and poised, and a “real man” would never possess such characteristics. Ballet, in reality, requires strength, stamina, balance, but because the jumps and turns of a dancer appear to be effortless to the audience, the work and strength behind ballet are rarely recognized.

About fifty-seven percent of new health club memberships in 2010 were purchased by women, but this does not justify that man’s absence from the group classes. Probably, guys did not see Tom Cruise as a 1Zumba instructor in a movie yet, but it is coming, so do not be surprised. It is natural to practice some effective fun workouts, and the opposite is true, do you agree 1Zumba guys? Oh! what a 1Zumba foofaraw! 😉

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