1Zumba Wonk

em1The first time I met with Emely Marcelino was in “Our Studio”, where a 1Zumba class was given by one of my In-Shape instructors, Toby. I understood that Emely and her sister Thayna were co-partners in that place. She looked like a decent business young lady, and she was professional in greeting her clients, who were standing in a long line for entering into that special place “Our Studio” for 1Zumba class.      

The location of the place was nice and easy to find, situated in Concord, CA. I enjoyed the class a lot, then I left the place, to come back again the following Saturday, to continue with my 1Zumba journey.

After many weeks of attending the classes and the different events “Our Studio” offered, one day I met Emely, while entering into the place, and asked her if she was interested in having some short talk with me about 1Zumba and about her business, after the class, to which she was completely agreeable. That was quite exciting, coz I was thinking of having that project for my students for a long time; and, on the other hand, I wanted to write a book, in which I could explain more about that fantastic physical fitness trend called 1Zumba.

Obviously, right after the class, I jumped into that opportunity, grabbing my notebook and pen, and started asking Emely some of the questions that might interest people to know in general:

Q. What is the preferred number of students in your class?

A. In the beginning, it didn’t matter, but after getting experience, every instructor would prefer a fuller class. In 2011, I started at first in Dec, I had three persons.

Q. What kind of difficulties you meet in your classes?

A. Building up the play list is the hardest part, coz I avoid repetition of the same play-list. Not too easy, not too hard. I modify the music to the needs of my class. Sometimes, students like/dislike a song!

Q. What is your advice for the students?

A. 1- Physically speaking, making sure eating the right amount, now it is a piece of cake.

In the past when I first started in 2011, I used to eat anything, since I started teaching more classes, I eat small quantities every two to three hours. For me, frankly I can eat right before the class. This does not work for everyone though.

2- Try to try more than one class until you find the right one. It is good to have more than one instructor in order not to be stuck with one set of movements. There is this mind-body connection, some moves to the right, others to the left, so it helps with the coordination, and memory improvement; it helps with the prevention of Alzheimer, similar to using puzzles, etc..

Q. when did you think that you should quit?

A. When we had to close at first for about two moths, coz we had another location before this one, n we had horrible neighbors, so we had to negotiate a deal to leave. Waiting for this place and that was last Nov. 2014

Q. What other job you would like to do if you are not a 1Zumba instructor?

A. When I was in high school, I was interested in fashion. When I worked at Macy’s I thought that to work in designing clothes and fashion would be something I love to do. I learned a lot of course at Macy’s. Now I can show some 1Zumba clothes inhere if anyone is interested to buy.

Q. What is your motive behind teaching 1Zumba?

A. It makes people happy, never feeling guilty giving them instructions, promoting health, dance just happiness.

I was quite happy with that chatting, but I wanted to hear more from my 1Zumba wonk; coz it seemed to be that  1Zumba had its secrets!

[To be continued]

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