Ageless 1ZumbA!

Thank you everyone for visiting us today. Our gratitude goes to our readers & friends from the US, Australia, France, Turkey, Mexico, n Germany 😉

Days are flying like birds, and we do our best, to be in the best shape possible, physically, mentally, & financially. Sometimes, there is still something missing. for few of us, this might be the case. Most probably, my dear 1Zumba friend, it happens if there is no enjoyment. 😳

1Zumba is like a booster for the spirit, for the body, and for the mind. It is ageless and so would you!

As a work-out, it does not even need any equipment, and we can do it at any time, in any place, with our own pace. In the beginning may be it may seem a bit difficult, but once you’re used to it, 1Zumba becomes easy. If you were to add it to your daily routine, you will reap up many benefits.

It is recommended at first to have the practice of 1Zumba in health clubs via trainers, or privately with specialists since there are movements difficult to master. If unable to go to the club, you would not mind learning 1Zumba through DVDs, online, or in books.

1Zumba  gives you all:

  • Reduce the pain caused by muscle cramps.

  • Lose weight while eating everything you like.
  • Increase the awareness of the physical and mental health.

  • Modulate your mood and reduce stress and depression .

  • Reduce aggressive tendency.

  • Increase the optimization of memory focus.

  • Help to increase self- accepting.

  • Improve getting the best sleep through the night.

Eventually, 1Zumba leads to peace of mind and opens your appetite for life. Life is a wonderful place to begin your trip. Zumba moves every tiny part of your body, shakes it, and opens new horizons for you.

Imagine yourself:   1z-ageless

Jumping up in the air as a kid,
Letting your hair fly up around your face,
Taking a deep breath feeling the coolness,
That comes to your cheeks,
Having it penetrating your whole body,
In a way nobody else can feel it except you,
How magical this moment is!

You may find it difficult to exercise at the beginning, because you need time to get used to the routines and the movements, but also on the terminology that seem to be tough in the beginning.

You may feel some frustration for not being able to do a difficult movement, but over time, 1Zumba will increase the flexibility of your body and you will make it. Remember it doesn’t have to be the exact typical move that your instructor is doing. Just let yourself go with the music. Give your ears to the the rhythm, and free your mind of anything else. Let your body fly with the melodies, follow the steps the best you can, and enjoy your class. Give bad thoughts a break. Tell yourself: “Now, I’m living with 1Zumba for one hour!”

umbThe 1Zumba idiomatic language is not that difficult to learn; it may seem to you at first that you learn a foreign language, though this only would apply to people who never in their lives join any dancing or exercising activities.

When you start your 1Zumba, you’ll find those patterns ranging from moderate to extreme challenges , so you need to choose what suits you and fits with your abilities and your fitness level.

Your instructor or coach will be showing any difficult movement, normally before you start your class, or before the song starts. If s/he corrects some routines for you, this would be for a good reason which is that you can achieve the maximum fitness from the exercise. This is carried out also to avoid you being harmed or hurt under any circumstances.

Whoever argue with you about having certain age for 1Zumba is wrong, just listen to your guts. Feel the beats, and go with it. Live your life happily ever after, coz this is an ageless 1Zumba 🙂

We’ll talk some more in few moments. Until then, here’s a big big hug, love you all 😉

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