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Hello again everybody, welcome & thank you our dear visitors & readers, from everywhere, especially the US, the UK, Italy, Romania, Brazil, Germany, Macedonia, Spain, Canada, n Australia 😉

You know, I never gambled, my dear 1Zumba friend. Oh! Oops! To be more accurate, coz of course, in Vegas, and in Atlantic City, I can’t deny that I tried few games. I mean in general I am not a gambler. We can say just few times for fun! 

Anyway, few days ago, I was given few Monopoly stickers for the game, in  a grocery store, without even asking me if I wanted any. When I saw the stickers yesterday, I thought, why people were after games like that, and if they really made gains out of them.

I have to find someone who is interested in this game to explain it to me in details, or I could search online, google it, if my curiosity gets any higher.

1Z Casino
This reminds me of card dealers, and how I used to admire their ability to keep playing for hours while standing in Casinos. That was when I was young, but now I no longer feel the same way, coz I matured and I knew more about the intricate hallways that they need to go through, when they hold such a job.

The whole set-up for the Casinos is so attractive one should admits, but the reality is that it is temptation. Sometimes, people see it as a shady business and once a person started getting involved into it, s/he would be regarded like a gangster 😦

May be it is not for me to say this, coz I am not that much really involved with that kind of life. Most of my opinions are based on artificial factors per se. not something that I put my hands in. Gigi is an old 1Zumba friend, who lives in Vegas for many years, and who always tells me that I am lucky being in California, with green valleys are everywhere, and that she only have sand and desert around her. It’s so ironic to feel this way, while many people feel that Vegas is a symbol of dynamic life and prosperity. Even having desert is something distinctive.

If you are interested in the gaming latest news, click here. or news from gambling, here.

Let me say goodbye for now dear 1Zumba friends, and we’ll continue in a short while after having some brunch. So here’s my kisses ❤


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