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Hello everyone from the US, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, the UK, Brazil, Singapore, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, and from any other spot in our enchanting world. šŸ™‚

Welcome to our page. Welcome 1Zumba friends everywhere!

Jem asked us to talk about how to take care of our skins, getting ready for summer time. As we all, most probably, do in summer, we go to the beach more frequent than in winter time. When it’s getting too hot the way it feels today, what else could we do, except heading to the swimming pool, or to the nearest beach.

In California, there are too many beautiful long beaches. I love Pismo Beach, Malibu, Monterey, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, La Jolla Cove,Ā CatalinaĀ Island, & others.

Every beach has its flavor and colors, equally standing out there in a distinguished natural beauty. As for us, when we go to the beach we expose ourĀ natural beauty to the open air and the beautiful sun. Ā Applying sunscreen to protectĀ our skin is essential; otherwise, our skin could be damaged, and inflammation could happen.Ā There is hundreds of different kinds of sunscreen in the market, and you’ve to be very careful when you choose the kind that you’re going to use, coz every skin is different from the other.

One time, someone gave me a sunscreen that caused some skin irritation, and it felt seriously unpleasant.

Cosmetics on the beach is not recommended, and even in general, the less cosmetics you use, the longer you’d be protecting your body.

We have to end our session now, but I hope that I can talk to you again today, to continue our chat. So with 1Zumba beach, I’ll leave for a little bit. Talk to you soon. ā¤




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