Is blaming others a solution?! ūüėȬ†¬† Because everything is now going on very quickly, people don’t have a break of intensive events a day after day. The top of the trending news though is about France and the flaming riots taking place there for the retirement age increased without the approval of the people. Do … More Flaming!

Blob Warning!

Only promise what you can deliver! ūüėȬ†¬† How fast is it? When would it be landing on you shores? Is there a reason for panicking over that huge in size blob? How could it appear all of a sudden? Is there any scientific indication to not to use the beaches for a certain period of … More Blob Warning!


Your health comes number one! ‚ô£ Thank you for being here friends from the US and Finland! One of the trending news that you wanted to give a comment for was the award that was given to Brandon Fraser in his role in the movie “The Whale”. His speech when receiving his award brought tears … More Life¬≤!


Please yourself and care for others! ūüėČ Cheerfulness is something very precious. It makes others like to see you and talk to you. If you are not the type of person who can give a brief smile to others, you better start training yourself to do this. For each one of you, there is something … More Cheerfulness!


Which one is better: having all aces or having aces and a joker?! ūüėČ In our next post, more new recipes will be shown. For today, you’ll watch the very short tranquility video. It is taken in CA and shared by your friend in Fremont. Another sharing for a new Caribbean restaurant in San Jose … More Tranquility!

Pool Time!

Search a bit harder, you’ll find it! ūüėČ You must have enjoyed the weather today, very springy kind of, of course you did. Many people got into their pools or stretched around the pool feeling the breeze coming to their bodies. There is this special tranquility video which makes you want to just keep listening … More Pool Time!

Natural Plants!

Is taking care of a fish better than nothing?! ūüėČ In our next post, there will be more than one recommendation for your weekend’s family movie. Redbox and Netflix are the sources in these specific options. For now, your best recommendation is to enjoy natural plants and to take a quick contemplation breath next to … More Natural Plants!

Still Remember!

There are powers that you try to understand but nobody can for its limitless complex powers! ūüėČ You stood at your patio contemplating¬†at the trees. For a while it seemed as if you completely stopped thinking although it was exactly the same exact trees you watch every day whenever you had a moment of tranquility … More Still Remember!

Message from Nature!

Welcome back all dearest friends everywhere: the US, Panama, Denmark, Georgia, Australia,¬†Turkey, Malaysia, the UK, France, Canada, Germany, Taiwan, Nigeria, Finland, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, China, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Spain, Kenya, Netherlands, ¬†Greece, Austria, Belgium,¬†Georgia, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Egypt, Thailand, Cyprus, Italy,¬† Qatar, Croatia, Tanzania,¬† … More Message from Nature!


Do you think you have all the time? You have something of value! ūüėČ Welcome back dearest super writers readers friends from everywhere: the US,¬†Norway, ¬†Jersey, Netherlands, Romania, France, Norway, Jamaica, Australia, Czech Republic, Romania, Puerto Rico, Canada, Dominica, India, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Poland,Portugal, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Morocco, Thailand, Italy, the UK, Jordan, … More Nice!

Cheerfulness Hello!

Please yourself and care for others! ūüėČ Dearest fabulous friends from everywhere: the US, the United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China, India, Brazil, the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Finland, Romania, Ukraine, Thailand, Algeria, New Zealand, Israel, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Tunisia, Denmark, Japan, Turkey, South … More Cheerfulness Hello!

Beauty Nature!

Another day a good day! ūüėČ Thank you dearest readers writers friends from everywhere in your unique tiny world: the US, the UAE, Vietnam, South Africa, South Korea, Denmark, Romania, Guatemala, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Mexico, France, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Cameroon, Canada, Singapore, Italy, the UK, India, and Thailand! ūüėČ Going back to nature … More Beauty Nature!


RARE to find, is this what you’re after?! ūüėȬ†Welcome back friends and readers from the US and India! ūüėČ Beauty has been always an argumentative subject, and don’t’ they all have been? May be, but beauty, for you could be different from anyone else. Betty asked us to look at the following pictures, and to … More Beauty¬Ļ¬≤!

From Italy!

Coming your way, just be placid! ūüėČ Welcome back readers and friends from the US, the UK, Chile, Philippines, Russia, Italy, Qatar, Ghana, Canada, and India! ūüėČ For some reason the boats picture stood out from among a number of suggested ones. It may take you to other places in your life, as it did … More From Italy!


Fuzzy or Muzzy, which one is it? ūüėČ Good day everyone! Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Italy, China, India, South Africa, and Germany! ūüėČ Fabulous light coming from up there. How didn’t I notice it before. I mean I’ve been living in this are forever, what’s wrong with me? Did it ever happen … More Muzzy?


It’s stupendous to dream of someone you know twice. If it was true, it should have been buried in your sub-conscious for some time before it surfaces! ūüėȬ†Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, India, and Italy! ūüėČ Everyday brings you some new light in your life, even if it was in the deepest dark … More Stupendous!

From Nevada!

The blind and the seeing are not alike; nor the darkness and the light! ūüėČ Welcome back friends and readers everywhere: the US, Australia, New Zealand, India, Trinidad & Tobago, and Ireland! ūüėČ Nature surprises you everyday, right? Buildings and shapes do the same when they stand out with no other equivalent to their beauty, right? … More From Nevada!


Hello and welcome dear friends and readers. Thanks for your comments; especially from the US, Brazil, Kenya, and India¬† ¬†ūüėČ Carol argued with Darrel about nature and its natural composed images. She showed us some photos that made our heads spin around. Darrel had a theory that some people liked to hike in the forests … More Nature!