Still Remember!

There are powers that you try to understand but nobody can for its limitless complex powers! 😉

You stood at your patio contemplating at the trees. For a while it seemed as if you completely Godly Powersstopped thinking although it was exactly the same exact trees you watch every day whenever you had a moment of tranquility but that did not prevent you of feeling mesmerized.

“Isn’t that the tree I see every day?”, asking yourself. “Yes, sure it is. How magnificent it is, oh! How tall it is? From my spot I could see its top end as if touching the sky”.

It seems that you forget how pretty that tree is. But no, you don’t although it’s the nature of humans to forget all the time, so what’s new?

Oh! Oh! There are plenty new. But none of them is able to give a soul for a tree. That in itself is so amazing. You can only watch the tree growing up, but you can’t even do that unless you are under the soil where you can watch its transformation from a seed into a plant. Your role is limited to putting the seed inside the soil and the rest is out of hand. 

With all the inventions on Earth, they were only able to record the growth operation but not to know how the operation itself is being processed. The Godly part of making the seed to grow into a big, nice tree standing tall among others or alone is absolute magic.

Then, you say “Ouch! My tongue is burnt”. Then you remember that your coffee this morning is extra hot it flames the tip of your tongue., but anyway, at least, you still remember something, don’t you?

Dearest friends everywhere, it is great to know new friends every single day; therefore, we thank everyone of you who spend few moments feeling our words. Our special thanks go for friends from the US, the UK, Nigeria, India, Philippines, Argentina, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Pakistan, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Canada, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Mexico, Romania, Peru, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Kenya, Indonesia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Japan, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, UAE, Croatia, France, Kosovo, Colombia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Pakistan, Jamaica, and all! 😉

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