Your own fingers are different never the same! 😉

Jarrett told us that when he was a child, he thought that the black olive had the black color naturally similar to the color of the blue berry. He did not know the truth about the black olives until he was in his thirties when accidentally someone was explaining how the green olives were dyed using a black color.

You bet that that could happen to anyone not only for thirty years it could take a life time and none of that fact could have been known. 

That reminded Jazmin of searching something that she wondered about for a long time but she never checked it out. Maybe you too never thought of that. It was about trees. For a long time, the valid fact about trees in your mind was that trees didn’t carry leaves permanently and that every season the leaves were replaced. Print off this "Evergreen Trees" chart and discover what trees are in your  area! | Evergreen trees, Tree study, Tree

The issue seems to be simple. Everyone knows that leaves do not live on the tree forever. They change themselves. But you will be surprised exactly the way Jazzy was, when the search resulted in different opinion. It mentions that some kinds of trees do not lose their leaves. 

In your life, there is plenty of missing pieces of information like those, and the best way to handle that is to keep a list of the questions that keep playing in your mind for a long time. On one hand it would relieve your mind. On other, it would give you some life facts that are important to know.


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Until we chat again, soon the countdown for the New Year will start with our hugs and kisses ❤


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