The Tree & The Reed!

Plenty of things in life that you should be thankful for, can you see it?! 😉 Welcome back fabulous friends everywhere: the US, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, China, the UK, Malaysia, Cameroon, Germany, India, and all! 😉

The Tree n The ReedOnce there was a big tree with too many branches. It stood tall and arrogant and felt superior. There was a small reed right next to it with few branches that bend down to the ground when wind blew hard. 

“Why do you bend a lot like that?”, the tree asked the reed. “Why don’t you stand tall and confident like me?”, the tree continued.

“I like the way I am”, the reed answered.

Few days later, a very strong wind came in and shook the big tree very hard and the big tree couldn’t stand tall. It bend down to the ground and its roots were pulled out. The reed thought: “it is never about how big you are, it’s about how flexible you are.”

There are people who act like machines with no brain and no feelings. How far this will take them? Nowhere!

Your story is a daily one; it is not only happening to you but to too many others. The good relationship between a boss and an employee does not exist. It is all on paper with one bitter reality: live it or leave it.

Until we chat again, stick around listening and reading and catching up with what you’ve missed with our hugs and kisses ❤SophieChannel NewYellos

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