Test Your Eyes!

Welcome back to all friends everywhere! 😉

Your eyes as you know if a very special gift from your Creator. How to keep it safe and maintaining it is your duty. If you don’t care for your own eyes, nobody else will care.

Lately there has been an increase in eyes problems and the main reason is using computers, tablets, and iphones or smart phones. It is a price that you pay for using a LOT of technology.

You have the option to either care for your eyes or care for your addiction to computer.SophieTestYourEyes

There is limited scientific evidence that vitamin supplementation helps treat dry eyes and insufficient evidence to recommend the routine use of commercially available supplements in dry eye syndrome.

However, some observational studiesTrusted Source show the possible importance of diet helping with dry eyes.

People should remain skeptical about any vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements that claim to treat dry eye syndrome.

The following vitamins might make a difference to dry eyes, but research is on-going. People should consult a doctor before attempting to use supplements for the treatment of dry eyes.

Here’s one test for your eyes: Is this a photo or a painting?SophieEyes

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