You’re Not Dead Yet, 1Z!

Thank you dear friends for being with us. We’ve been impatiently waiting for you. So let’s start our day, with a smile 😉

Readers and followers from the US, the UK, & Australia, welcome to our pages. We are delighted to have you with us today 😉

The competition will be our last paragraph, and before that we will show you the new invention, which as we described to you yesterday as an extraordinary one.

Before going there, let me ask you this:

Why did our lives became hectic in spite of all latest technologies which saved us a lot of time?

Image result for 2 people late to workIt seems that we no longer enjoy life!

One example is opening your email inbox on a daily basis, which added to your normal regular mail box, which you should check on it at least every other day.

Let’s examine the possibilities of enjoying life:

– What will happen if I wake up on a relatively reasonable time, so instead of waking up at 6 am, why not 8 am?

Choose a comfortable shift for your work. You can do that.

Image result for close your computer– What will happen if I did not check on my email today? Nothing!

I can do that tomorrow, or twice a week. I don’t need more than that. Take it easy, you’re not running a country here. Just friends, or someone wants to sell you something.

– What will happen if I didn’t check on my social networks today?
I will listen to my favorite music & watch something nice with my family talk about what i did today, listening to them what they did today. Exchanging happy moments with my kids, my parents, my siblings may be.

– Enjoy your ride:
Image result for enjoy drivingWhen was the last time you drive, or take a ride, just for the sake of the joy you get when you driving around your neighborhood?
I bet you may be never did that. Take the time to do that. It’s enjoyable to ride slowly, to look around the roads, the nature.

– Enjoy your food:
You don’t have to eat while you’re in a hurry. It’s a terrible habit to do that. Eating is supposed to be fun. You’re feeding your body. Your body is working for you 24/7 non-stop. You should treat your body with courtesy and appreciation.

– Enjoy anything you do as much as you can. Everything we do in our lives, believe it or not, can be enjoyable. Image result for enjoy drivingProbably you don’t see it that way, but it’s the truth. Train yourself to accept the enjoyment which is sent to you. Change your life, it will make you happy.

– People, definitely, are a source for happiness. Sometimes, they are hard to deal with, but even those difficult individual, you might find pleasure in exchanging some info with them.

– Be alive, be present.

As for our new invention. It’s an extraordinary thinking: It’s called “MOLEY ROBOTIC KITCHEN”. A Creative Invention in the World of Science.

An extra ordinary invention that cooks the dinner in just 30 minutes

It is for the people who work in the kitchen and serves the people, friends, and family with the delicious and yummy food. Yes, it is the Robotic kitchen. It is the world’s first automated and intelligent cooking robot. It features robotic arms, oven, hob and touch screen unit. 😆

Our question no. 93 is as follows:


My dear 1Zumba friend, be alive, be present, enjoy your life! You’re not dead yet!


Oh! It’s time to take a short break, and come back again to you. Kisses & hugs ❤




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