1Zumba Spain, Zin MaribeL!

Welcome back our readers and friends for the US, Vietnam, Germany, & Italy 😉

It’s always a pleasure to have you all, wherever you are, whoever you are, coz we care for each one of you😉

  • Sophie Essay, 10/8, 3:21pm, Sophie Essay

    1.How would you introduce yourself to our readers? 2.What ‘s your big dream? What color u like? 3.Can you tell about any experience? 4.Where do you see yourself in five years? 5. How do you choose your daily routine? 6. How far you can go with your fitness exercises? 7. What do you wish to see?

Maribel Ruiz de Almiron10/8, 3:23pm, Maribel Ruiz de Almiron

1.How le presentarte a nuestros lectores? 2. ¿Qué ‘s su gran sueño? ¿De qué color u como? 3. Puede usted le dice acerca de cualquier experiencia? 4.Cuando te ves en cinco años? 5. ¿Cómo se elige su rutina diaria? 6. ¿En qué medida se puede ir con sus ejercicios de fitness? 7. ¿Qué le gustaría ver?

Maribel Ruiz de Almiron

10/8, 3:23pm

Maribel Ruiz de AlmironEN ESPAÑOL….ES MÁS AUTÉNTICO. 

 SThat is why I want them to be in English pls.

 For this questions, I can speak English this is so special questions, it’s no good in Spanish. What do you think? If I answered in Spanish is no good; coz if I answered in Spanish some people need to understand Spanish well. In two weeks, I need to do too many things; I need to travel to la Canaria, I paint my home now I have another home in Hanova. I wrote a book.At the same time I go to Zumba Throne in La Canaria.

OMG! Sophie, do u understand my English?

SBecause if they are change into Spanish, they are going to be different. But I can hear you speaking very good English. So I will put very simple questions. We can add a bit by bit. For example: color that you like. 

M: Yes for me it is possible to speak in English, but some words I don’t understand, it’s true, but one moment!

Where do you live? What is your best sport?

Sophie! I sent you a message. I investigate certain people who have groins in the back. I write one book for treatment for people who suffer from this. This is so important for me coz I need to go to La Canaria later this week at the same time, I don’t have enough time right now. But when I come back from La Canaria, I will have more time.


M: I live in kanova, deerban, and I live in La Canaria.

M: My best sport is dancing. I love to dance. What more important for me and for people is when you work very good in the …I like my book coz i like all the poeople dancing and make gymnastics. You asked me my favorite color.
OMG! I don’t know it’s Azafran; it’s like yellow & orange colors. It’s warm! Oh! I mean hot, but I like too much colors, so don’t know which to choose exactly.

S: You are doing great job

M: And sport, I say dancing coz I love dancing all my life, but I like too much sport. I like gymnastics, i like patinage, I don’t know it’s sliding on the ice, when you dance on the ice. I like dancing and strong sport, haha! It’s not normal I know. 


S: Did you travel outside your country?

S: What makes you happy?

M: Sometimes I travel to Mexico. I live in Hanova and La Canaria, but I go to Maiorca for presentation of my book. Happy! When I see the people happy, it makes me happy, because, I like to help people. 

S: What is the most important thing in your life: money, power, love, health, family, people? Why?

M: I’m a teach you know, so when I work in therapy, and people are no longer in pain, this is the most important. The money is important to do things, but for me it is not the most important. All is important, love, power, people, friends, all in its place, in its moments, depending.

S: What is your dream? Something you wish to do while you are alive.


M: My dream is to help people, by my book, this is for the people who are in pain for their backs. Dancing with the people help them, then when I have more money, I can help more people. This is more important.

I’m 58 and I don’t have too much years to live, I know I don’t have too much time, but I need to do few things, to help people during the last part of my life.

S: What message you want other people to know?

I like to tell all the people to try to make more good person, and very good heart; intelligent, but very good heart good person is the more important.



S: Do you have your own business? So are you close from Africa? Canaria Islands?


M: I have Zumba basics, and Zumba gold.

S: I see photos for news n conferences.

M: My dream is to work or mold with Zumba, coz when people dance, they don’t see the pain in the neck, in the back, in the arms.

S: is this the one?

M: Oh!

S: Canaria?

M: No this is Palma De Maiorca, this is different.

S: Oh! So you are in Spain? Great! Do you have the same daily routine every day?

M: Yes my Mama from Spain, and my father from Spain. My father was a pilot. My name came from original Arabic, at the time of Andalusia, but over the years, it has become the way it is now.


S: We have a 1zumba Certificate in  Fitness online program, you can get your certificate, while you’re at home 🙂

Later I will send you the link. So wonderful to know!

M: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


S: I will post one of them on our page now, to prepare our readers for your post 🙂


Talk to you later. Thank you.


Good luck 🙂




S: Thank you again. 🙂

This is the link to your certificate. After you’re done with the program, we can send you an original certificate to your address.

That was our interview with Maribel Ruiz de Almiron, our dear friend and member of our group- 1ZumbaCircles on FB. We thank her and wish her all the best in her coming book!

You see how marvelous and energetic she is?! That was quite interesting chat with one of the 7000 SuperStars,  with whom we had the pleasure to meet and to ask questions, and to get valuable answers from real life experience. You see how lucky we are, guys! 😉

Let’s talk some more soon. My love for all of you, wherever you are ❤


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