Revitalize Courtesy!

Welcome our readers and friends from everywhere especially the US, New Zealand, and India.

Courtesy! Courtesy!

Amanda and Angel came to me yesterday saying: “Sophie, what happened in our world?” I said: “What do you mean? What happened?”

Angel pulled her mouth tightly together then explained that when she and Amanda were coming to the school, crossing the street, that stupid car driver was almost close to hit them. 

I said: “Oh! Sorry to hear that. There are a lot of people now are in a hurry. They do not realize that they should enjoy their time, and give courtesy to others. Courtesy is lacked at the present time, in everything.”

Amanda answered to that: “You’re right. We need more courtesy definitely. When I took my dad the other day to Kaiser Hospital, the Emergency Room doctor was in a hurry, and when his assistant told him that my dad had a question for him, he told him OMG ugh. My dad was gloomy and upset coz we were able to hear the doctor’s voice expressing his boredom to his assistant. It was so unprofessional and disrespectful, as if we were not paying him for his job.”

Angel commented: “It will all come back to that doctor. One day when he is jugging, bigstock-thinking-man-detailed-vector-25171361a driver wouldn’t wait for him, or when he is shopping a cashier would get mad at him giving him the same ‘Ugh’ he gave to your dad.”

I said: “It seems that courtesy is hard to find recently whether you’re paying or not. It’s irrelevant. Pressures of life sometimes make people rude to each other, acting as if you own the world, but they will never do.”

“Let’s revitalize courtesy then”, Angel suggested.

Amanda and I answered at the same time: “Yes!” We both felt it in a way or another, since both of our reactions were typically the same.

If you feel this lack of courtesy too, join us, and give more courtesy to others with the hope that you yourself would get it back some way or the other. Let your frustration work for you, and use this anger energy in elevating with yourself above all of it.

There’s always more to say as you know. Until we chat some more, here’s our love, courtesy, hugs and kisses

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