More 2 Confess! 1Zumba?

Thanks our dear readers and friends from the US, Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia, the UK, n Mexico 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, yesterday, to my surprise, I received a number of confessions, which I found quite interesting, and I thought, it would be good to share them with you.

Sometimes, I offer more….:

It’s very normal. Don’t we all do that? Sometimes due to courtesy, right? 

Not only for that, some people when they respond to you, they would say “No”, but their eyes would look at what you have in your hands, as if they want it. That might make you think, probably they are embarrassed to take it, and then you decide to ask one more time.

In addition, in some cultures, it is expected to not only offer (an ice-cream for example), but to insist on it, and to really show that you mean it. So it all depends!

Sometimes, I ignore my mom:

Damian, 1Zumba friend, this sounds very inappropriate and unpleasant, why would you do that?  

No, I never ignore my mom; although we have our differences, but it is immature to do this. Many of us disagree with their parents, but there is a red line for the way we should react, unless it is something unforgivable, which was not in your case. 

Image result for not replying textingSometimes, I can’t reply…..:

Oh! Adam, many busy people do the same, you’re certainly not the only one doing that.

It’s a relative matter. If it’s my son, or a close person, I’d prefer to keep it neat with them, coz if they did that with me, I’d be mad at them. 

Close friends will always understand the pressure I am under, and will not hold grudges; but some take it personally, while it is not at all.

Sometimes, I’m so emotional:

Nadine, my 1Zumba friend, be easy on yourself a little bit. Being emotional is never bad or weak.

It’s only an outlet for your feelings to vent out any damages, that were caused by, may be, a bad relationship, or another reason. The blame should not be on yourself, coz you might not be the reason, after all, for the whole incident that happened, and was reflected on you, in tears.

My 1Zumba friend, what is the matter? Cheer up!  It’s our New Year 2017!

I bet, we had enough, or do you still want more to confess, 1Zumba? 😉

With our hugs & kisses for all of you TranslationService

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