Back to Common Sense!

Have you ever doubted your decisions? It’s the wrong decision if you had doubts 🙂 Thank you the US, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the UK, France, Serbia,and Mexico 😉

Welcome back friends and readers!

Many things take place in a world doesn’t sleep. No matter how fast we go, we still can’t catch up with everything going around us. We are doing our best, and that is not enough, because we get used to having more, is this true?!

Lucy and Sari came to me yesterday and they were smiling and saying that they were gone to Macy’s and Ross, and that both stores did not charge for our shopping bags. Can you imagine how that important was to them to talk about, while others MakeSense Sophiewere talking about earthquakes and volcanoes.

There is a reason though that they were happy about that because there was a wave of asking people to pay for bagging their merchandise, and the alternative was to carry your goods, carrying them in your hands to your car, or not to shop at that greedy store.

Big names care more about customer service, and they prefer to five their customers a bag that carries their own name, and to let them be happy to talk about their stores, and grab the attention of more customers.

Some stores are still playing dumb and they want to collect the TEN  CENTS coz it would end up having millions of dollars, but people are smart, and you can not fool them.

Enjoyably the majority of stores now are coming back to common sense, which is a great sign; a victory for the people. We aren’t done yet, just stick around and get to our topics list where the real inspiration is.

Until we talk again, here’s our hugs and kisses



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