Hawaiian Lava!

Believe me it is hard to tell which way to go, but you’ll see it 🙂 To all smart people, thank you for coming to our pages; especially friends and readers from the US and New Zealand 😉

What do you think of volcanoes? When you hear this word, does it mean anything to you?

–  Fire, lava, and more fire and lava! No, it doesn’t.

– Why?

– Because probably it is not in our area, but the word makes me uncomfortable.

– How?

– – It makes me think if we have enough people who know about volcanoes and how to deal with them or not? Or if something big happened in one of these volcanoes, and went out of control, are we really able to handle all the possibilities? 

– – Do you mean a group of experts or specialists in this field?

– Yes, of course. Something like the volcanoe in Hawaii and all the media is telling us that there is some bad signs, it makes me and others fear and think of what will happen or what could happen, especially to the people who live nearby.  

– Certainly it’s a serious situation, but I believe that everything is under control for the time being.

– How could it be if they didn’t anticipate that activity?

– Here’s what the media says:volcanoe

Technically speaking, Hawaii has been volcanically active since 1983, as lava has been continuously erupting from at least one vent – normally from Kilauea’s Puʻu ʻŌʻō vent – all this time. For the most part, those lava flows have fallen into the sea and haven’t bothered anyone at all. In fact, they’ve often put on quite the show.

However, along with the lava lake occasionally overflowing at Kilauea, volcanologists have noticed that the volcanic activity on Hawaii is higher than normal. In fact, back on September 17, 2015, the USGS raised the Volcano Alert Level – a form of geological caution labeling – from Green/Normal to Yellow/Advisory, meaning that people should be wary. Two years on, it’s still at that level.

That was a conversation I had with a school teacher in our way back home, and he preferred to be unanimous, but I think we had a chat about Hawaii before related to fire-dancing. It was lovely interview with one of our 7000 SuperStars 😉

Keep digging deep into our treasures until we chat some more, and stay cool with our hugs & kisses


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