Jury Duty?

Pay attention! When you find it, seize it! What is it? 😉 First, welcome back friends and readers from the US, New Zealand, India, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ireland 😉

Is it an opportunity to serve as a “Jury”?

Well, it depends on your time. Some people find it hard to take few days off work, or that they suffer from some medical conditions that prevent them from participation, while others welcome the idea of serving their country.

What is a “Jury Duty”?

It is a service in the US, done by US eligible citizens. The service is to be present in court attending certain case in trial, according to a number of procedures.

Is the “Jury Duty” compensated?

Yes, there is an hourly rate that is paid for the “Jury Duty”, in addition to per mileage expenses for your commuting.

What are the steps for a “Jury Duty”?

1- You receive a card by mail asking you to attend on a certain date, providing a phone number to call for questions, or going online to confirm the group you were asked to attend with.

2- As instructed, you’d go to the court address at the assigned time. It’s a good idea to be earlier few minutes. Sometimes, it’s a large number of people, not only you.

3- You’ll be directed to a room where you would be seated with others waiting for the judges to ask for you, after you check in via electronic methods with your card. Badges will be given to everyone.

Magazines and flyers are there for interested people. Monitors everywhere hung up where documentaries are run to break the boredom. You can bring your own book, or keep busy with your cell phone. It’s important to know that you might spend few hours in that building, so be prepared for that.

4- You’ll be called to a courtroom with other potential jurors. It can be done in rounds, like each time the call ask for a number of names, until they are satisfied, they would dismiss the rest of the crowd.

5- You’ll be asked few questions to decide if you’re selected to be among the jury or not, just to avoid any bias you may have against the party the attorneys represent.Image result for jury drawing

6- You may be dismissed or selected. If dismissed you’ll go home, if not, obviously, you’ll be given certain instructions to appear the following day at a specific time, after you return back to the Assembly room.

7- You‘ll be sworn in when you attend the trial, providing that you should pay close attention to the details that you’ll see or hear during the trial. If you’re allowed to take notes the judge will let you know. You’ll not be allowed to speak about the trial to anyone during the course of the trial until the end.

8- After the verdict is taken, it is ok to talk about the case, and you would be completed your service and get compensated for that.

If you didn’t respond to a “Jury Duty”?

You can get fine or jail time.

Is there an age limit for service?

Yes 18-70. After 70 you can be excused.

Another question we answer briefly for Francis wishing that it would give you the right opinion about what you expect in the future.

Who use the Jury system?

There is always more to say. We welcome your comments or questions or emails. We like to help you, and we’re here for you. Stay cool with our special topics and our hugs and kisses until we chat some more.

. Jury Duty

Trial Process
. Countries use this system


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