Mission but Possible!

So what’s so special about you? Everything! 😉 One thing to know is that we miss all of you friends and readers from the US, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, India, Mexico, the UK, Ecuador, Hong Kong SAR China! 😉

Here’s what Margie brought to your table. Last week she was watching some show or movie talking about terrible mistakes that occurred in some of them ignoring the viewers, or acting as if no one will see those clearly obvious mistakes.Geekstore Christmas JumpersOne cute example she gave was a girl with amazing blue eyes, where the camera followed her at an age of 8 or more emphasizing her hyper tension activities. Then suddenly Ms. Julie will be a brown-eyes woman seeking the pleasure from her servant.

GeekstoreQatar AirwaysThat was total absurd. I think that we touched that subject when we talked about a Disney life-story movie previously, but it is worth mentioning it again; probably this Cruisetime it would grab some ears.

Lula said that if you tried movies on Netflix, you’ll find plenty of errors like that, and even more. Some of them are hilarious, it could make a crazy fun show.

As for Tom Cruise and his last movie, it’s amazing how he is still capable of doing this incredible action part: Mission Impossible. It is enjoyable and we recommend it. It’s hard to write any details. You know what you’ll see. It’s a totally family movie except for the shooting parts 😆

Writing is getting harder, is it? Yes, we’re asking you. Do you have an answer? Awaiting your active engagement as usual.Geekstore

Until we talk again soon just move on, get inspired, be ready for the new year ahead of you, and leave your comments, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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