Feminization Movies!

Which one is harder: reading the future or reading the people? 😉 Thanks and welcome back friends and readers from the US, Trinidad & Tobago, India, Lithuania, Cameroon, Canada, and Ireland! 😉

When you watch that movie, you might get into no surprises if you’ve already been to the series of Ocean 11 of George Clooney and his crew. However, the movie is a within the new era of movies’ feminization which we talked about two years ago. Whether it was intentional or a co-incident, in both cases, this is exactly the new era that we mentioned.Qatar Airways

It makes sense that after all those years of having male dominant  character in the majority of movies, to be replaced by female faces.

It has nothing to do with male or female though; it has to do with the entertainment industry and how gigantic it became to an extent that necessitate any kind of face-lifting to meet the demand of movies by people everywhere.BerrylookQatar Airways


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           Few ModaQatar Airways

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Smarter Loans 728X90Converting the movies from male into a female-focused view is certainly one element that could produce a lot more to this industry.

The movie is “Ocean 8”, Sandra Bullock and others. It’s a family movie, entertaining, well-acted by all characters, and the camera was amazing moving smoothly. The light was perfect, and the production was successful.

We recommend this movie “Ocean 8” to you for a week-end family movie.

Kateaspen.comUntil we talk again, expect more that would inspire your mind via our topics, with our hugs and kisses Littman Jewelers
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