Aladdin’s Jinni!

Welcome back to your pages dearest readers writers bloggers friends and all. Thank you the US, Qatar, Canada, Dominican Republic, Greece, India, Netherlands, Malaysia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Chile ,France, Germany, and Ukraine! 😉

It’s about a movie- something for pure simple entertainment.

A movie that was based on the well-known story of Aladdin which is a very old Arabic story. The story was produced numerous times and each time there was a different angle. It was always a successful tale.

JennieThis time my students said it was simpler than any other version. It was right. They also mentioned that it was very straight forward tell. No deep conspiracy or unexpected events. Of course this might be because they had already known the story.

All in all, it’s a good movie for kids and adults. As Paula put it: “The Jinni” seemed to be the hero” 🙂

Why don’t you be the judge and watch it for yourself then share your opinion with all of us.

Until we chat again, stay safe and continue to follow up with the Virus guidelines; it’s not over yet with our hugs and kisses SophieChannel

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