Google Leads Cookieless!

The leader acts for the favor of the right thing to do! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, and all others! 😉

Is it true? Google?!

Google decided to be the leader in having a cookieless sites. Wow! Great news! Endless profits!

Thank you Google for protecting people.

 This move was intended to protect user privacy by limiting which cookies can function in a third-party context, which would supposedly curb third-party data collection.


Definitely you know that Apps steal your data. Stop downloading Apps unless you don’t have to agree on invisible terms and conditions.

These apps that gathered precise geolocation data and phone identifiers without the owners’ knowledge. Pretty creepy stuff, especially considering all the private and personal stuff you have on your phone — names, dates, password and credit card information, the location of everywhere you go. Photos of the people in your life.

GoogleLeadsWhen you’re asked to download anything to your computer or your phone, it means your data is going to be stolen by someone you do not know.  They can do a lot of the stolen data.

Google seems to be leading the way to get rid of cookies which is a huge step towards the current tendency.

Be smart and do not let anybody steal from you. It’s your own life and your own privacy. It sustains not only your security but also your pride.

Until we chat again, check on other relevant posts in your pages with our hugs and kisses


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