Radio Supervision!

Perplexity could lead to public chaos, radio should be given more supervision! 😉 Thank you for being here wonderful people from the US, the UK, Bulgaria, Belgium, Philippines, and India! 😉

Is this done on purpose? Can’t even pronounce “Six” correctly and yet giving advice to parents to risk the lives of their own kids. Is she nuts?Order DefyPatty texted me a recording she made for KCBS airing what people should do with their kids under the age of six, while shelter in place order is still in effect? 

What a misleading talk session?!

From a non-profit place, some doctor (not sure doctor in what) coz it was hard for her to differentiate between “Sex” & “Six”.

She said that the best thing for children care givers providers to open their facilities for kids, which is provoking all the rules of sense as if she’s from another planet. The interviewer asked her about the risk involved but she answered him back with nonsense justification. 

Steven said that he would write a letter to the governor to sue them for causing perplexity among public.

Can he do that?

Until we chat again, pls follow the guidelines of the shelter-in-place order and use your mask if you really care for the continuity of life in your place with our hugs and kisses

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