1Zum, Six Not Sex!

What should I say except welcome to our pages!

You’re such wonderful readers and friends! We’re glad to have you with us today, especially from the US, Spain, Uganda, n Canada 😉

You know what? There’s some wrong pronunciation that bothers me a lot, it’s because they are repeated wrongfully over and over again, and someone has to say something about it.

I talked about it before on FB, not here. Today I decided to address it here:

It’s “SIX” NOT “SEX”:

How often have you heard these two words are pronounced either wrong or the opposite; in other words, when it should be pronounced “six” it is uttered as “sex”, and when it should be said as “sex”, it is presented as “six.

The high frequency of this error is what made me write about it, after someone today online on FB, asked me about “Six”, and I’m certain he meant “sex”. By the way, I didn’t know that FB allow people to post porn photos. I thought that social media meant to be decent places for people to chat. But it makes sense, since some people Image result for the difference between six and sexlike to talk about sex, every single time they have a chance to do so.

Let me tell you an easy method in differentiating between the two pronunciations. “Sex” sounds like “hex” or sounds like “tex-” in the word “text” .

As for “Six” it sounds similar to the word “Fix”or the word “Si” in Spanish + X . Would this make any sense?! I hope it did, coz I prefer to mistakenly utter difficult words, not three letter words, guys, haha! 🙂

Our Question No. 64 is here:


Now, we will say goodbye temporarily, and then back to you again in a little bit, to have more fun, with a new invention or a secret story. Kisses ❤


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