Give Good CS!

Have you seen the stars today, they are twinkling your way! 😉 Sometimes when you check on a post or an online piece, you might like it before you read it. How’s that?  Simply the post’s picture opened the gate of your mind saying welcome to your world. With that being said, same thing happened … More Give Good CS!

Tuesday Class!

Welcome back dearest friends everywhere! 😉 It’s a new day be cheerful and trust the good things that are coming to you! 😉 A class of second grade and the kids are between 7 & 9 years old. Each one of them has a story and the teacher has to listen to each one of … More Tuesday Class!

Writing Magical Instruments!

Nobody has all the cards yet except few! 😉 Welcome Back dearest fabulous friends from everywhere: the Us, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India, China, Germany, Senegal, Malaysia, Jordan, Turkey, Nigeria, Guadeloupe, Philippines, Chile, Norway, and all! 😉 Words are like magical instruments though they still require constantly nurtured and polished to keep their magic … More Writing Magical Instruments!


You’re turned on, continue celebrating! 😉 Thanks dearest friends and readers from the US, Mexico, Romania, Italy, Malaysia, Ukraine, Kenya, Portugal, the UK, Canada, and India!  😉 Sometimes you find out about things accidentally. This what have happened with that. When you press this picture, it would take you to another source of  your topics, … More Different!

Coming Soon!

You’ve been soap-free for seven months! Isn’t that just wonderful! …. 😉 Welcome back everyone! Thank you our devoted friends and readers from the US, India, Cameroon, Brazil, Poland, the UK, Australia, and Germany 😉 Today we’ve published a glimpse at our coming posts via a 5 minutes video on YouTube. It includes a few number … More Coming Soon!

1Zum, Six Not Sex!

What should I say except welcome to our pages! You’re such wonderful readers and friends! We’re glad to have you with us today, especially from the US, Spain, Uganda, n Canada 😉 You know what? There’s a number of wrong pronunciation that bothers me and you a lot, it’s because it is repeated wrongfully over and … More 1Zum, Six Not Sex!

Venting with 1Zumba

For some, it’s a headache; for others, it’s some kind of pain. Regardless of your symptoms, the function of your system is involved. That’s why physical fitness can be so helpful, especially 1Zumba. 1Zumba approach to stress is to help normalize the function of your system. With its cheerful exercises and moving melodies, 1Zumba can … More Venting with 1Zumba