Trillions & Trust!

$20.89 trillion is the GDP of the US in 2022; in spite of all problems in US economy, it is No.1 worldwide; however, Switzerland, Ireland, and Norway, & others are wealthier than the US!

Trust GIFs | TenorBecause you are living in a world full of fraud and cheating, you’ve become skeptical almost about everything. And it is not only you, it’s the majority of people now. How can you trust your physician when she’s asking you to use over-dose of a certain med; or how should you act towards your dentist when he wanted you to extract a perfectly well tooth? Trust has become unmeaningful word, you wish it could come back.

Well, the only way out is to lean on your Creator, you will have all the trust you need and more!

Under the proposal, schools would need to consider a range of factors before imposing a ban on trans athletes  more

Schools have their own policies; no matter what is decided, there is no guarantee of application.

Unbelievable! What?
Another planet is trying to contact you on Earth; the signals are repeated over and over again. There must be a good reason for aliens to try to contact you. What are you going to do under any new circumstances? 

It seems that the universe has become different from all the previous measurements that are claimed before. A new era has started.

♠ Welcome back friends from the US, the UK, India, Finland, Cameroon, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Italy, Bangladesh, Netherlands, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece, Germany, Taiwan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Netherland, Spain, Pakistan, Russia, China, and all!

Trending News: South Africa Snake On Plane
. A pilot had to make an emergency landing due to a cobra snake being under his seat, weired. How did it get there? Or someone intentionally put it there? 🙄

. Every Ramadan, there has to be loss of life in Ghaza, why? Hate: the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City, it’s a holy month for people, can’t to leave them enjoy at least one month of a whole year, what do you think? 

. French strikes are still going on bc of the retirement suggested process which is unacceptable by French people.

Until we chat again, nice days go quickly, catch any of them with our hugs and kisses

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