It is said that over sixty million viewers watch “Fire Country” episodes, it must be really good!

103,600+ Animated Caricature Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStockFrom the promo pictures, it sure has a lot of fire involved 🙂 Have you ever tried to apply for your passport? Maybe not you, maybe you don’t like to travel, but there are some who really like traveling and not only one time but every year.

Traveling is definitely uneasy but it is easy when you have your passport ready all the time so if you want to go abroad, you might only need a visa on your passport, right?

Today in CA the weather was stormy rainy and a lot of trees just went down stopped the traffic for a long period of time. Many people start thinking of the Spring Break and whereabout they should go. Maria said:

Geez! I am not alone. Same situation here. We had to cancel our vacation. This is stupid crazy. My 2 yr old sons application has been ‘in process’ since May 27 and we have nothing! I was also on hold for over 3 hours and the guy was a total jerk and had no answers. I have been in touch with our Senator’s office who is trying to help me, and they too can’t get any info. The federal government needs a better system and open up to full capacity. When I originally made his passport appointment (in April) I couldn’t find anything within 4 weeks in and around Houston. This ridiculous. more

Travel Cartoons That Find the Funny in Everything | Reader's DigestUnbelievable! What? 

A middle school in Madison, W. Seattle received a threat that necessitated immediate evuacuation. Why schools are targeted a lot these days? What is the reason behind each incident? Nobdy knew. Mental health is easily blamed most of the time, which actually makes sense, whick sane person will do this? 🙄

♠ Welcome back friends from the US, the UK, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Italy, Bangladesh, Netherlands, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece, Germany, Taiwan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, Pakistan, Russia, China, and all!

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. Nashville shooting in an elementary school? Why? How? you shouldn’t be surprised  when teachers ask for better pay.

Until we chat again, nice days go quickly, catch any of them with our hugs and kisses


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