Why FB?!

Master the way you put your questions together and you’ll end up getting to your best creative solutions! 😉 Hello there dear friends from the US, India, China, Brazil, the UK, Kenya, and Norway   😉

What’s going on with FB crisis? Of course you’ve heard about it and how the claimed company sold your info. and that there was no way to stop them from selling your info which some heard that it took place years ago even before anyone heard or knew about it.

FB poor justification for breaching your privacy was:

Confession by the Facebook CEO:

If Facebook can’t sell information the stock will keep going down


Your info of course is not important compared to the importance of the FB stocks, is it?

Poor you! You can do nothing wherever you work, it’s not in your hand. You’ve already a member with FB and so am I.  You used to be very active, oh, and so was I.

It’s terrible: they thought that the stocks are more important than keeping your info safe and confidential. And this will happen or happened long time ago without any consent or without having a say in it. Great 🙄

What else is new? Do you have a say about the Gas prices? They’re on fire!

But this is different, it didn’t have your personal info or your public info or any info, it only takes the money out of your pocket, can’t you be happy for that?

Until we chat again, keep digging deeper down at our topics, you’ll find what you’re looking for and more with our hugs and kisses ❤

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