1Zumba Sex

Seriously, we are thankful for all our current readers from everywhere  😉
Most grateful, we are for our new friends from the US, Austria, Netherlands,  the UK, Ireland,  French Guiana, France, &  Italy  😉

Sometimes you ask yourself where to start. This is natural to happen, coz we have plenty of info, and we need to organize it and process it,  in order to be able to convey all what we want in the right way.

Dear 1Zumba friend, I miss you so much; I wish I had the time to sit with you and talk to you face-to-face. I know that you would want that too, but you don’t want to jeopardize our friendship, am I right? I understand. Or may be there is more about you that I don’t know yet!

su1A friend of my daughter in high school told everyone that he was gay. His mom was a salon owner, and they originally from V. I mean from Planet “Earth”. Truthfully speaking, I never say this person is originally from here or there, coz in my mind we are all from Earth. Specifying where from a person is, sometimes, could bring wrong impressions.

Rebecca, my 1Zumba instructor, agreed with my opinion about: “You should never ask “where are you from?” Why? Coz it could imply that you have certain prejudice, not necessarily against certain origins, but having that in itself in you would give a tendency for bias. You might be, subconsciously, in your own brain, classifying people, or profiling them is a better word. So if you have a stereotype about certain culture, you would automatically apply it to that person. Do you see what I mean?!

su6Some people take it very offensive if you ask them this question, and I witness an incident in a store, where the cashier asked the client “Where are you from?”, and his response was totally enraged, fiercely responded in a roaring voice: “Non of your Damn Business!” Wooh! It was an elegant place, and I was in a shock when I heard and saw that, since I was next on line. Later on, when I analyze the whole situation I got it, although I am certain that the girl did not mean any harmful comment, but the way the old man translated it was unfavorable.

su5Back to J. my daughter’s high school friend, after graduation, it was said that he got a girlfriend, living with her and he became a straight person. I didn’t know whether we should congratulate him,  his mom, or we should not comment at all. It was a situation, where you want to be very careful handling it in a diplomatic way. It is a very sensitive matter.

su2The reason I say this is that you do not want to give a wrong impression that you are with him being gay, or with him being straight, coz explanations for your reactions can be misinterpret. But hey, aren’t they anyway?!

1Zumba is one spot where it doesn’t matter which sex you are, or even if you do not have one, who cares! 1Zumba opens its arms for all kinds of sexes or non-sexes. Do you really like that people would treat you nicely being a certain sex, not for being yourself? What if you do not want to be classified in the first place, as this or that sex? Why is it necessary to state your gender? Why can’t you just be happy dealing with human-beings whatever sex they are?

What do you think my 1Zumba friend? Sure you know what I am talking about. We love you and we want you to be with us, no matter what sex you are, there is nothing called 1Zumba Sex!   😉

Love you all guys  😉


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