1Zumba! Hey, Gorgeous!

Our appreciation and thanks today is for the current readers from everywhere on our Earth, and for our new friends from the US, the UK, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, n Belgium 😉

Hey Gorgeous! I like that very much, there is no harm in being courteous to others. What do you mean? I mean when you have others feel good about themselves, they will like to see you again, they will like to talk to you, and to listen to what you’re saying. It’s the basics for good customer service.

Were you waiting for us, my dear 1Zumba friend? I am certain that you’ve been waiting, my dear 1Zumba friend, and we were too, but the only thing is giving us some patience, is that we’re too busy with work day & night  😉

Now  I remember that there was a place called “Night & Day”, where my friends & I used to meet every weekend. It was very interesting place. Many times, we saw actors sitting there with their entourage. That was the main reason for us to keep going back there, time after time. From that moment on, we became regulars in that place, until one day, it was sold for an enterprise. We were young, and meeting/seeing an actor, or actress was a huge deal for us. Having an autograph was like a  top achievement, what a tiny mind we had, haha 😆

But it was good times 🙂

Few of Patty’s Real Estate Corner Questions are here: [Answers before our  related Links]

  1. What is insurance?
  2. How a judgement turns into  a lien?
  3. In one acre, …………..Square Yards.

Oh! Sarah, 1Zumba friend, I hear you. Of course we should be thankful to the Creator, who give us  super automatic systems (in our bodies) that work for us 24/7, and not only that, it’s all for free!!  How could we not be grateful?!  

But Sarah, you can not change people’s minds easily about things, you’ve got to invite them, to understand what you’re trying to convey to them. We mentioned that before, diversity is hard to deal with, especially when people are over 15 yrs  old. They are completely saturated with their culture. Best thing to do is to let your actions speak for you.

It is time to enjoy yourself, your family, your neighbors, your friends, & your surroundings. It is time to enjoy everything. Contemplate and find your love.

Let’s  give you Question # 13 for our 100 Qs Competition:


Dear 1Zumba friends, I have to prepare some dinner, then I’ll chat more with you. Probably, I’ll give you one of my secret recipes to try. I choose the healthy, fast, & tasty type of plates. Until then, here’s my hugs ❤

Keys for Patty’s:

1. Insurance is a compensation which is paid in a certain event, an indemnification against loss from a specified hazard or peril.
2. A lien is a contract of money when a judgement is recorded, it becomes a lien.
3. An acre is 4,840 square yard.

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