1Zumba Hot Hit

Millions of thanks for our current and new readers and friends from the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Israel, Austria,  & Norway  😉

You know what? Someone said it is easy to go to the top, but it is hard to stay up there! My dear 1Zumba friend, what do you think? You were once on the top, do you think you are still there? It’s a game. It’s enjoyable by few, who mastered it. The rest of the world is either watching or following. But again, if you were among the top players, there would be a time when you get tired.

ex2The other day a 1Zumba classmate gave me a CD, and he gave few to others too. I guess he wanted to feel good by giving something to others, or it was a signal that he was working in that business, making CDs for 1Zumba songs. I was not sure, but I accepted it and kept it for several weeks in my car, until at last I tried to listen to it yesterday.

When I started the CD, the first song was good for 1Zumba , but it had English and Spanish words, so I couldn’t understand all of its words, only the English part. Then I tried the next and the next; all of them were in Spanish. Until I reached # 19 the last one, and hey, it was in English. It was a really lovely song.

It was called “When The Night Falls”, by Mayer Hawthorne. Nevertheless, that song could not be used for 1Zumba routines, for stretches may be. The beauty of that song was that it reminded me of my 1st 1Zumba class, when I fell in “love” with you my Zumba friend. As if it came out of the nowhere, that song, to touch a raw nerve. Its lyrics were peculiar.

ex3Wait a second!”, I was talking to myself, “Didn’t I say to my Princess the other day when she asked me to write about my first impressions of 1Zumba, that I didn’t have any?” Yes, it was my answer that I was in OC, and that I only sat down watching the class, after I asked by phone about it, after coming across an online ad for 1Zumba classes.

OMG! When I heard that song, it brought back to me all the nice feelings that were there with my first 1Zumba impression. I even wrote down plenty of crazy wonderful things, may be later on I would tell you about’m.

It was like a sparkle of energy that came to me from my instructor. Some unexplainable energy pumped into my veins; my heart was racing n dancing, my eyes were following the movements n transmitting it to my brain so I would imitate the movements accurately, my ears were enjoying the beats, and my body was melt like butter in a hot pot. The one hour class passed in a blink of eyes.

Going back to my classmate, should I give him back a present, or how should I react to this? It is not everyday that I can get these feelings my 1Zumba friend, so I think I should express my thanks for that 1Zumba classmate. Now, after this song, believe me I know exactly how to get back my 1Zumba Hot Hit 😉

Remember we love you all wherever you are 😉

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