Dancing? 1Zumba!

Hi everyone! We love you all! Oh dear 1Zumba friends! Thank you for being with us today 😉

Our special thanks for our current and new friends from the US, Morocco, India, UAE, Australia, Mexico, n Brazil 😀

Ask me, my 1Zumba friend, and I will answer you. Never doubt that! Wherever you are, whenever you want, just send us a message, n see if it is answered or not. You have nothing to lose! 

I thought that everyone love to dance. Well, I was wrong. Not everyone loves to dance, but may be like to watch dancing!

In my mind, music and dancing comes hand in hand together, so if you like music naturally would like dancing. If there is no music, there is no dancing. Is this right? Well, still it doesn’t sound right.

Berrylook Qatar AirwaysSome can dance to music in their ears, not necessarily heard music. Coz h
ow about a person who cannot hear music, how could she dance, if she cannot hear? Yes, I think this is a good point.

OMG! I’m so thankful for being able to hear music, to taste it, and to dance to it. However, there are people who can hear music, but it does not move their feelings for dancing.

I am almost certain about that. For I had two dear friends, who did not care that much about dancing or even music. Both of them passed away very young. The first one was my assistant in school, and she wanted a husband & a family, nothing more. It was a very sad story. More

The other one, I met overseas, in the Gulf Region, where I taught English Language. She was smart and cheerful person. We continued to be friends after we were done with our jobs there. Magda, was from a conservative family, her mom was the head of the French Department in one of the well-known universities. She was so mature to her age, so wise, and never seemed to think about music or dancing. Her head was full of research, and academia. May God bless her soul. More

Gary loves dancing, and he used to invite all of us in high school, to a disco, in downtown. He worked as a DJ from 4 pm till 9 pm. You can imagine, how wild it was like in that disco everyday, with a whole school was in there. I loved music and dancing; however, it never crossed my mind to become a dancer. All my family members mostly physicians, pilots, or educators, so it went without saying, that I was destined to be an educator. Worthy Lovely Wholesale

Dancing was, then, a hobby, and it still is. I took numerous dancing classes, whenever I had a chance I seized it. I attended classes about the history of dancing, and I continue watching programs of dancing, etc. When Zumba started to appear, I found in it part of my love to dancing. It gave me two things at a time: fitness, and dancing. Both I appreciate very much.

My dear 1Zumba friend, Sammy, here’s our new invention, you asked about: and believe me, you can get to something like this yourself, all it needs is interest & focus, coz this guy didn’t have a degree in engineering!

Hey, cheer up! You are doing great! Everything you do has its meaning. It doesn’t have to be a major invention. Things come to us in different ways, to be inspired, or prompted to do it. In the right moment, it would come to you crystal clear, & you would know it! You would know  that “this is it”. This is why I came to this world! 😆

We will see you again soon. I’m thinking of going to the Jacuzzi, may be tomorrow, isn’t that a good idea! So until our next chat, be healthy, and enjoy yourself with our love 😉 Qatar AirwaysWorthy

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