1Zumba Voice’n Brazil!!

Dear new and current readers and friends everywhere, thank you for being with us today, and every day. We enjoy your company, as you enjoy ours šŸ˜‰ Our gratitude n thanks particularly for the US,Ā Chile, Canada, Germany, Taiwan, n India šŸ˜‰

Dear 1Zumba friend, you can’t imagine how a homemade bowl of soup could make your life a paradise šŸ˜†
Thanks for your comments & thoughts, but I still want more šŸ˜‰

Not that I’m against eating out in restaurants, but I have more appreciation for home-made soup. When a friend invites me to a home-made meal, I know that I am special to that person. It’s the same, when I invite someone to my place for a home-made meal, that means, I really like that person very much, coz I rarely cook, haha!

1.How would you introduce yourself to our readers?
2.How long have you been a trainer?
3.What kind of interests you have?
4.When in class, how do you feel about theĀ Ā students who can’t follow up?
5.What is your ultimate dream?
6.What kind of difficulties you encounter in life in general?
7. What is your favorite color?Did you find any solutions for these difficulties?

1. Hi everybody! I’m Guilherme but you guys just can call me Gui. I’ from Brazil and I live in Piracicaba, aĀ beautifulĀ city that stays 2 hours about Sao Paulo. I have a bachelors degree (4 years) in physical education and actually I’m working as a fitness instructor and Personal Trainer.

2. I’m working with fitness since 2012 and everyday I discover a new passion in my job.

1Z-Brzl3. I love movies and TV. I’m a blue-ray and DVD addicted; in my collection I have more than 400 titles between TV shows and movies.

4. I always talk with every new student before start a class that they don’t have to thing about right moves (of course that talking about fitness sometimes some corrections are necessary to avoid any injure); the most important think its have fun and take care of yourself; your body, mind and health.

5. My ultimate dream it’s move to Los Angeles and start a new graduation at New York Film Academy. Because as I already told you, I love movies and TV and be part of this world can be amazing!

6. Unfortunately in these days with the modern life in a globalized world, the people don’t care with the others anymore. I think that we are forgetting the real value of the human being.

7. I love lime green.

8. I just give my best because I believe that together we are more. Together we can be bigger, better and stronger. The world needs more teamwork…

5:03 am

This has been a great interview with one of our 1Zumba followers, and 1ZumbaCircles member.
We would like to thank Guilherme for sharing all of this valuable thoughts with all of us. Now, we feel great having more thanĀ Ā 1Zumba voice in Brazil.
We, also, would like to see him soon in CA, to have his dream come true. When this happened, we would have another interview with him, to knowĀ how he feels about itĀ šŸ˜€

Now, I have to go to my delicious shrimp tomato soup, so excuse me for a moment, then I’ll be back to you, and we’ll resume our 100 Questions game. Here’s one hug šŸ˜‰


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