Python & Whales!

♣ Welcome back friends from the US, Taiwan, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, the UK, and all!

You need to know about this:

Hundreds of dead whales have washed up on the Atlantic coast of the US since 2017, including the critically endange …..

This is a new phenomenon that is taking place now at the East Coast of the US. What is going on and what is happening, nobody really knows the answer, they are just watching the sea bringing these hundreds of dead bodies of huge whales.

Their giant corpses have littered the east coast, from Florida in the south to Maine in the no.more

So it is no longer only the humans dying in hundreds but also the whales, which is seriously dangerous; at least you know that homeless people are dying of coldness and sleeping next to animals in the streets, but for whales there’s a real struggle in explaining what is happening. Weird and scary, right?

Another interesting news from NY where a python was found in an apartment. The News host called the python “Banana” and announced that if nobody came forward and assumed ownership, the python will be considered for adoption. 🙄  You wonder how much would that be? Maybe homelss ones should be adopted too. 🙄

Trending News:
. A warning in CA a strong storm that might cause more flooding in the Bay Area
. Mexico, four Americans were kidnapped: two were killed, and two were alive

. The burden of homelessness quick solution is on who? Is it a burden or a duty?
. Seattle laid off workers, Microsoft fired more 687 workers out to the void, what is going on?
. Hush hush about Disney fatal accidents

Until we chat again, always be here for your real  inspiration everyday, with our hugs, & kisses

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