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You will be surprised of the number of the new free streaming channels that are born every single day in a race to become bigger and make a lot of money, but the truth is that these channels bring endless headache to the viewers who are trying to escape the trashy commercials that keep on playing without giving any options for the viewers to choose.

ow many is too many? There’s no denying that people love free TV, but with over 1,500 individual free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels available, it can sometimes become difficult to figure out what you want to watch. Having. …… more

For example, a channel keeps repeating the same exact commerccials for the whole day the same ones before and after the episode and many times during the episode, which defeat the purpose of entertainment. These channels should keep in mind that the viewer sits down to watch something that should bring some rest to the viewer after a long day of work.

Let alone the quality of the commercials and how inconsiderate about respecting the viewers who include men, women, children. Last week, a channel was playing a commercial about a laser method for removing the hair, and it was disgusting seeing those women in different position screaming of the pain of one method of hair removal.

You might bet that with each scream by those models, there must be on female viewer who was completely disturbed and feels the pain by each scene. It was like torturing scene on the samll screen. Why? Who allows these kind of commercials which literally kills and ruins the purpose of entertainment.

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